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Backup Systems 

Backup systems provide insurance against computer failure, computer theft and accidental damage. All of us, particularly business users, depend on the data and information stored on our PC's. We can advise on the best way to protect and backup this precious data safely. We offer backup solutions that will get your system up and running again quickly and  efficiently after a disaster

Acronis back-up software provides a simple solution to regularly backing up critical information and as an Acronis Partner, we can supply and install this along with suitable back-up devices at competitive prices. For home users there may be simpler and cheaper solutions.

Virus control 

Virus control is vital in this fast-moving technological world. Up-to-date and effective virus, firewall and internet protection are essential in ensuring your computer and stored data are safe and secure.

Is all your software updated to the latest version? Do you have up-to-date anti-virus?
If not, you can guarantee that sooner or later your system will be attacked by malware that could easily take over your system and possibly steal your internet banking and credit card details.

We are AVG partners and can supply and install the latest AVG Internet Protection software at competitive prices.

If you have already been attacked, we can help to recover your system and retrieve your information.