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Computer Supply, Installation & Upgrade

Hardware of all types can be supplied by AGCS - anything from a silent desktop computer or a laptop to a high-powered games machine capable of playing the latest PC games at high speeds
New hardware is competitively priced. Occasionally, secondhand hardware is available and priced accordingly.
All computers supplied by us come with the latest anti-virus and updates and will be set up to meet your individual requirements.

Software – operating systems, word processing packages, spreadsheets, accounting programs, games, etc -  can all be supplied at competitive prices and fully installed.
Microsoft and Linux systems, Acronis backups, Sage Accounting software and AVG Internet protection are a speciality.
We give advice and guidance on choosing the right products for your needs and getting the best value for your money.

and set-up of all types of computers, desktop PC's, laptops, printers, backup devices, servers and networks - both wireless and wired - is completed to the highest professional standard and at minimum cost and inconvenience.
Help and assistance can be given to install computers purchased elsewhere and advice is given freely.

Upgrades to your PC or laptop maybe the solution if your system is running slowly. Maybe it's time for some extra memory or a bigger hard drive?  Maybe a higher resolution screen if your existing one is looking jaded? Need a faster printer? No problem - we may even be able to buy back your old equipment or recycle it.  
As technology is changing all the time, in some cases it may be a better option to buy a new system.